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Welcome to M4T

M4T Downloads

Downloads Browser

Campaigns, Missions, Mission Templates, Guides, Utilities

In this section you will find files suitable for use with all versions of IL-2 Forgotten Battles, Pacific Fighters and 1946. We have the most popular utilities available in Essential Files. These files have been upload by M4T members free, for your enjoyment, they take time and a lot of research in their development so please remember to leave a review of any files you download.

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Skin Downloads

Paint Schemes, Templates, Squadron Insignia, Skins Xtra

In this section you will find paint schemes categorised by aircraft type, Skins Xtra features Skin hacks (not mods) of aircraft cleverly skinned so as to appear like other aircraft

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MODS Downloads Browser

Campaigns, Missions, Paint Schemes

Files suitable for use with the modded versions of IL-2 1946, please read the site disclaimer before installing these files
When uploading files please be aware of the Terms and Conditions for hosting these files on M4T

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M4T Centre
Latest Files
1: Mittelmeer voll von Schiffen - moved to correct link
2: Johnston Atoll
3: HSFX7 F9F2 Panther Bug Fix
4: IL-2 1946 Excell Control Layouts
5: Belgian Falcons
6: Surprise effect
7: Million Dollar Baby
8: Wächter über wasser
9: Action above Rendova
10: Mustang Legends: Blue-Nosed Bastards
11: Operation Lightfoot
12: Blenheim over France May 40
13: Lae 413
14: 44BG against sub pens
15: 343 Kokutai
16: Defend Belgrade
17: IJN_Rabaul 413
18: RU_Nite hunters 413
19: Japanese protectors
20: Maritime patrol
Latest Skins
1: Ki-43-I CBI 41-42
2: Yak-9UT 12IAP Baltic fleet 1945
3: Skua-Vengeance Hacks
4: Me-321 Gigant 1941-43
5: B-24D of the 90th BG, 320th BS skinpack (10 skins)
6: Bf-109G14_I_JG77
7: B-24D AssemblyShip 445BG
8: CR-42-RHAF-V2
9: Hurricane MkI 229sq RAF
10: Fi-156-RHAF-R1-16
11: Beaufighter MkI 25Sq RAF
12: Tomahawk MkII 112Sq RAF
13: Gladiator MkII 112Sq RAF
14: Gladiator MkI 112Sq RAF
15: F4F-3_VF-42_Lt.E. Scott McCuskey USS Yorktown Coral Sea 1942
16: Mustang MkI RAF 26Sq
17: Fiat CR-42_Blank and Regia Aeronautica markings
18: Civil B-29s
19: B-17D 90Sq RAF
20: Spitfire Vb 14 squadron
Latest Files 4 Mods
1: Mittelmeer voll von Schiffen
2: VMA-214 "Black Sheep" AV-8B
3: Repaint Cockpit Fiat CR-32
4: Hellenic Air Force F-16C (HAF 340)
5: Spitfires over Kos
6: Malta's Bombers
7: VF-103 "Jolly Rogers" F-18D
8: Fi 156 Storch of the MTO
9: Giora Epstein F-16A
10: Fi156 Storch of the Eastern Front
11: Operation Levy Hak
12: Republic of Emmeria Air Force : Garuda F-16C
13: F-16A Package skins F16 Italian Air Force
14: Republic of Emmeria Air Force : Windhover F-16C
15: Syrian AF Aero L-39 Albatros
16: IDF Kurnass - F-4E II Phantoms
17: F-16A #78-0001 AKA "Balls One"
18: Notti Venete 1918
19: YF-16
20: Battle for Bilbao 1937

Featured Downloads

Featured Skins

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