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Welcome to M4T

M4T Downloads

Downloads Browser

Campaigns, Missions, Mission Templates, Guides, Utilities

In this section you will find files suitable for use with all versions of IL-2 Forgotten Battles, Pacific Fighters and 1946. We have the most popular utilities available in Essential Files. These files have been upload by M4T members free, for your enjoyment, they take time and a lot of research in their development so please remember to leave a review of any files you download.

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Skin Downloads

Paint Schemes, Templates, Squadron Insignia, Skins Xtra

In this section you will find paint schemes categorised by aircraft type, Skins Xtra features Skin hacks (not mods) of aircraft cleverly skinned so as to appear like other aircraft

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MODS Downloads Browser

Campaigns, Missions, Paint Schemes

Files suitable for use with the modded versions of IL-2 1946, please read the site disclaimer before installing these files
When uploading files please be aware of the Terms and Conditions for hosting these files on M4T

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M4T Centre
Latest Files
1: Ju88 vs Liberator
2: USN_Liberator vs Condor 413
3: RU_Belenhino 413
4: The Eagle and the Sun: Unto the Breach
5: DE_Mosquito repellent 413
6: GB_Normandy coast
7: FI_transport interception
8: FI_Mig rescue
9: RU_Gelendzhik bobming
10: RU_Kondrovo
11: DE_Key terrain 413
12: IJN_Silver dragons
13: Bloody sky over Karelia (TB-3)
14: BB1 Mission Pack
15: The Eagle and the Sun: Dogs of War
16: DE_wet weather 413
17: DE_Goryachi
18: Sweetheart of the Marianas
19: Bombs on Okinawa
20: DE_Kalach problem
Latest Skins
1: 3 Tomahawks of 403 Sqn RCAF
3: LEADSPITTER-skins_Arcive
4: Bf109F2 JG2 Walter Oesau
5: Czech IL-10 V-27
6: Pegase_2893m_Sunderland Sqn 461 RAAF.zip
7: Pégase_Archive
8: Pegase_2893_Beaufighter_MkIC_236_Sqn.zip
9: Pegase_2893m_MosquitoMkVIBanff.zip
10: pegase_Bf110C-G.7z
11: Pegase_2893_Bf190F2SiegfriedSchnell.zip
12: Pegase_2893m_MosquitoMkVI487Sqn.zip
13: Pegase_2893m_MosquitoMkVI235Sqn.zip
14: Pegase_2893m_Fw190A922RougeJG301
15: Pegase_2893m_Fw190A817JauneJG301
16: Pegase_2893m_Fw190A811JauneJG1.zip
17: Pegase_2893m_Fw190A810RougeJG3.zip
18: Pegase_2893m_Bf109K41rougeJG11.zip
19: Pegase_2893m_Bf109K41BlancJG77.zip
20: Pegase_2893m_Bf109G6JG1.zip
Latest Files 4 Mods
1: IL2 1946 CUP Single Mission Pack
2: Spanish Speech Pack
3: LOD mod
4: Pappy- The career of Greg Boyington
5: B-10 Bombers over Japan 1938
6: New Bullet Glass Holes
7: SB2C-3, VB-18 USS Intrepid, Shibuyan Sea 25 oct 44 correcte spinner
8: IL-2 SCW Update 11
9: Airfield runway winter textures
10: New Bf 109 POV
11: Dewoitine 520 GCI.3, Battle of France may-june 1940
12: Buffalo, Hurricane and Spitfire I gun sight (adapted for SAS Hurricane Pack)
13: Typhoons and Griffons for CUP - WAW
14: HE113-Mission
15: The Meteors & The Vampires
16: Drôle de guerre/Sitzkrieg
17: CUP-Dawn-of-Flight-Missions-SINGLE1.0
18: SB2C-3 VB-18 USS Intrepid, Sibuyan Sea 25 oct 44
19: Yak-36 SMF in the colours of the Yak-38 (NATO Forger)

Featured Downloads

Featured Skins

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