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Welcome to M4T

M4T Downloads

Downloads Browser

Campaigns, Missions, Mission Templates, Guides, Utilities

In this section you will find files suitable for use with all versions of IL-2 Forgotten Battles, Pacific Fighters and 1946. We have the most popular utilities available in Essential Files. These files have been upload by M4T members free, for your enjoyment, they take time and a lot of research in their development so please remember to leave a review of any files you download.

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Skin Downloads

Paint Schemes, Templates, Squadron Insignia, Skins Xtra

In this section you will find paint schemes categorised by aircraft type, Skins Xtra features Skin hacks (not mods) of aircraft cleverly skinned so as to appear like other aircraft

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MODS Downloads Browser

Campaigns, Missions, Paint Schemes

Files suitable for use with the modded versions of IL-2 1946, please read the site disclaimer before installing these files
When uploading files please be aware of the Terms and Conditions for hosting these files on M4T

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M4T Centre
Latest Files
1: Défendre la crète
2: Regia Aeronautica - Historical Order of Battle
3: He-162 front flips
4: Finland's Fighters
5: The Abbeville Boys
6: FSF Dogfight Maps
7: FSF Single Player Mission Pack
8: Last Samurai
9: USN_Tarawa
10: Pik Ace
11: 32 GIAP
12: GC II/5 Lafayette
13: Mustang Legends: The Debden Eagles
14: RU_Sudova
15: DE_Uravroka
16: RU_Uvarovka
17: 'Bombphoons' The role of the British Tempest in the months after D-Day
18: RU_Canal fight
19: DE_Bryansk pocket
20: DE_Bad start
Latest Skins
1: VMF-214 Solomons Mega Pack (Sep 1943 - Dec1943)
2: NVA-LSK Markings Template v.1.0
3: Arabian Numerals Font
4: NVA-LSK Stencil Font
5: NL preWWII Dutch Serial Font
6: AVIA B-534 Luftwaffe
7: AVIA B-534 Slovakian air force.
8: AVIA B-534 Czechoslovakia in 1938
9: R-5 Academy air fleet. Moscow 1933
10: AVIA B-534 Slovakian air force 1941
11: Ki-21-II reworked
12: Skins From The Attic - FSF - YP80 Skinpack
13: Skins From The Attic - FSF - Tomahawk Skinpack
14: Skins From The Attic - FSF - Tempest Skinpack
15: Skins From The Attic - FSF - TBM Skinpack
16: Skins From The Attic - FSF - TBF Skinpack
17: Skins From The Attic - FSF - Spitfire Skinpack
18: Skins From The Attic - FSF - Seafire Skinpack
19: Skins From The Attic - FSF - SBD Skinpack
20: Skins From The Attic - FSF - PBN Skinpack
Latest Files 4 Mods
1: Ki-51 Sonia CBI 41-45
2: Disaster at Bari
3: Luft-Luft NVA-LSK revisited
4: Somalian Air Corps MiGs
5: Misch-Masch of Luftwaffe and other obscurities
6: Luchtvaartafdeeling LVA - CX and FK.51
7: Ki-44-II over Manchuria
8: Miles Magister as Klemm Kl 35 once more
9: Nachtjagd Mod Pack
10: F86_Templatev2
11: Ship Hunters
12: PBY-5 Catalinas
13: Magyar Királyi Honvéd Légierö (MKHL) - Skinpack vol.I
14: Skins Pack Focke-Wulf Ta 183 A.N.R.
15: 1942 Lancaster Tour of Duty - Part I
16: Ki-43-I new default skins
17: KNIL-ML/MLD - Dutch East Indies Airforces
18: F-86 Sabre of Luftwaffe (my old Pack)
19: MiG-17 of LSK/NVA (my old Pack)
20: Battle of Hankow: a DCG campaign for C.U.P.

Featured Downloads

Featured Skins

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