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Welcome to M4T

M4T Downloads

Downloads Browser

Campaigns, Missions, Mission Templates, Guides, Utilities

In this section you will find files suitable for use with all versions of IL-2 Forgotten Battles, Pacific Fighters and 1946. We have the most popular utilities available in Essential Files. These files have been upload by M4T members free, for your enjoyment, they take time and a lot of research in their development so please remember to leave a review of any files you download.

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Skin Downloads

Paint Schemes, Templates, Squadron Insignia, Skins Xtra

In this section you will find paint schemes categorised by aircraft type, Skins Xtra features Skin hacks (not mods) of aircraft cleverly skinned so as to appear like other aircraft

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MODS Downloads Browser

Campaigns, Missions, Paint Schemes

Files suitable for use with the modded versions of IL-2 1946, please read the site disclaimer before installing these files
When uploading files please be aware of the Terms and Conditions for hosting these files on M4T

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M4T Centre
Latest Files
1: DE_Tuapse 4132
2: Siege Of Sevastopol Map Template
3: DE_Hosingen
4: DE_Sunset raid 4132
5: RU_Train station 4132
6: DE_Leningrad 4132
7: DE_Siverskaya 4132
8: RU_Livny-Vimievka 4132
9: RU_CCC Krynky 4132
10: RU_Kalach flare 4132
11: Henschel over Africa
12: DE_Lionzo-Rudnya 4132
13: RU_TB3 kalach 4132
14: Blitz (Ar 234B)
15: DE_Kalach crossing 4132
16: DE_Vorona 4132
17: Calais by night
18: Defending the DDR - Stop the Superfortresses!
19: DE_Vitebsk 4132
20: DE_Frankfurt 4132
Latest Skins
1: Buffaloes Over Singapore
2: B-239 FAF skinpack
3: Mosquito IV/VI/XVI skinpack
4: Military fonts
5: Color charts
6: P-51D skinpack 2
7: Hurricane IIB Burma pack
8: Bf-110C skinpack
9: Bf-109G-10 skinpack
10: Me-210 unmarked skinpack
11: Mosquito IV The Spook
12: IL-2series1_4th ShAP_Russia Summer 1941
13: BF-109E unmarked skinpack
14: 77thSentai-Hombu chutai, Thailand dec 41, Maj. Yoshio Hirose, Ki-27-Otsu
15: F2A-2 Army & Navy
16: Hurricane Mk.l of No 242 Sqn
17: Hurricane skinpack
18: Ki-27 otsu 11st-50th-54th-77th Sentai Malaya-Thailand-Burma-China 1941-42
19: Hurricane Mk.I flown by Sir Douglas Bader, No. 242 sqn
20: Jesters Ink template pack
Latest Files 4 Mods
1: Boxcar 4.13.2
2: Cats on Duty
3: Ostrava map Quick missions
4: Battle Of Britain for DCG and CUP
5: SGTROCK's engine sound enhancement pack
6: BoB Spitfire Mk.I
7: Lancaster Xterminator
8: Fairey Albacore in own slot
9: Singapore fighters for Singapoore_RRR map
10: Japan 1946 - Ki-94-II (4.12)
11: Hawk81-A-2 'White 49', 'White 47' AVG
12: Wellingtons of No 301 Squadron in service with RAF and… Luftwaffe
13: Tainan Kokutai
14: Mohawks of Arakan
15: Mili Fighter Sweep
16: BurmaLower_1942 Quick missions
17: Flying Tigers Battle for Rangoon - updated
18: ONUC - Persian Sabres over Congo
19: China 15 Augoust 1937
20: Wellington T2501 - RAF No 99 Squadron and Luftwaffe

Featured Downloads

Featured Skins

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